A rather steaming affair

In South Africa we do things in a different way, sometimes we are light years ahead and every other time I could swear we have reverted back to our caveman like ways. Basically we become Neanderthals. Sunday was a true show of this. The N2 was covered in a very fine scummy layer of human excrement by protesters who thought this would be the appropriate response to inadequate service delivery (in particular sanitation services), and in protest to 9 fellow rioters being arrested at a previous poo flinging stunt at Cape International Airport.

If one were to look at this series of incidents through a somewhat jaded lens, aside from the smell of poo, there most certainly exists a clinging stench of political underhandedness going on. Maybe I am just reading into things but according to this, I might just be onto something: –

The task team vowed to continue fighting and would continue to make the province “ungovernable”. In a statement the task team said: “Faeces will fly until people’s demands are met”. A march is planned for Wednesday, including one to the offices of the National Prosecuting Authority to demand that charges against the seven people arrested be withdrawn.(http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/cape-poo-flingers-target-the-n2-1.1554027#.Ufga7dKTi6M)

Too put things politely, if it smells like shit and looks like shit…it probably is shit. We do live in the Western Cape after all.


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